Why Copy op it’s not a scam

Have you heard about the latest technology in trading? Well, I did and I am here to provide you with all the insights on this matter. The most recent development in binary options trading is a platform called Copy Op. Despite its short span of existence, it is very appreciated in the trading industry, due to some unique features, such as the social one, which implies traders talking to each other on the platform, sharing advice and knowledge. Besides, the system is very suitable for beginners, since it has the option to copy the trades from other investors and earn from them too. So, there is no experience needed. Up to this point, it is a wonderful tool. But the question comes: is it a really secure platform?


To get an idea, you can easily sign up, because there is no cost involved. But if you want to trade, you do need to make a deposit. Registering is possible with Facebook or with AnyOption, which makes things a lot easier. So, to see how things work, you just have to spend 5 minutes with the registration. Then, if you want to try it, you can make a small deposit and test it for real, in case you have any doubts.

But you have no reason for being worried that it does not work. Well, it is normal to feel a bit insecure about a new trading tool, but in this case, the system does work really well indeed. Of course, there are a lot of rumors saying that it is a scam, but they are all unfounded. I tell you this from my own experience with Copy op. It does deliver on promise, so you can rest assured that you will be safe!

In order to persuade you that this system is indeed reliable and that you can make use of it without any worries, let’s examine a few essential points about it. To begin with, the access to the platform is controlled by a firewall which allows access only to the ones that are required by the system. This can give you a hint about the security of the platform.

Moreover, the information exchanged between the website and your laptop or mobile phone is also secured and encrypted by using a 128 SSL certificate, provided by the website ‘Thawte’. Besides the communication systems are all controlled and supervised, as well as all the activities from the system are. Plus, routine security checks are carried out periodically by information security experts.

And maybe the most important thing to mention is the fact that the company is fully licensed and regulated b by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license no. 187/12. This eliminates any rumors of it being a scam. If you do have an opened account with AnyOption, then you know what kind of services they provide. And they do it in case of Copy op too.

All of these are performed with the main goal of offering a secure and satisfactory product to the traders. That is why Copy op proposes to invest significant resources for satisfying their customers’ needs the best possible way. As you enter the website, you can see how much effort and dedication was put in the creation of this beautiful platform. When I first access it, I was really surprised with ease I could navigate through it and I decided to try it, because I believe that something this good-looking and technical was certainly not a scam.

So, further on, I managed to see how simple the steps of trading were and how I could engage into them. But first, I needed to spend some time in order to spot the best investors on the platform, so I would get the best position in the market and thus, more profits. Only then, I started investing according to the advice from the other traders. The process is also very simple: you just copy their moves with a few clicks and that’s it. You are profitable.

All the main classes of assets are available for trading, including commodities, stocks, currency pairs and indices. Therefore, you will not miss anything. If you have a favorite asset, most probably you will find it on the platform. Also, another very useful feature is the fact that you will receive updates with the moves the traders you watch or copy make, in order to take advantage of them as soon as they are available. The main data source for the pricing and the expiry rates is Thomson Reuters, which is the most reliable source. So, best services in all respects. How can that be a scam?

Moreover, the platform can easily be accessed from a mobile phone, making it easier to trade on the go. Also, both the website and the mobile application offer support in 15 different languages. The support team is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to offer help and advice on any problem you encounter, no matter if it is a technical one or a trading-related one.

Concerning the return that can be obtained, this depends on several factors. At first, I did not quite get the way it works, but as I got involved in more trades and from the discussions with the other investors, I managed to catch what the idea was. Well, basically, if you only copy the trades, the maximum return rate you will get is 60%. If not, and you trade by yourself, the return percentage will be dependent upon the asset chosen and will be shown next to your position, when you make a call, so that you know right from the beginning how much money you can make. Also, in case your position ends badly and you have a loss, a refund is offered: 10% of the investment in case of copied trades and between 5% and 25% on trades performed on your own. Personally, I only copy the trades, even though I get a lower return, because I want to skip the analysis of the market part and just stay relaxed and enjoy the profits.

And in the end, you have to withdraw your earnings, right? Well, here it is another sign of the platform not being a scam. It does pay! I have withdrawn my profits as soon as made some, just to see if it works and it does indeed. There is no minimum withdrawal requirement and the options are multiple. So, rest assured that you will get your money, as Copy op is a trustworthy company, which only acts in the interest of its clients.

Final word

As I tried to prove in this review, by relating my personal experience with the platform, you can obviously see that it is not a fraud or a scam. There are so many indicators of copy op being a secure and safe option that you can register without any worries. It does deliver on promise, it offers only high-qualitative services in all respect, plus a ton of exciting feature. Why miss such an opportunity?



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  1. 1st day: 50$ profit
    2nd day: 20$ lost
    3rd day: 82$ profit
    today: 10$ profit

    So the profit in 4 days is: 122$

    I’ve deposited 200$ and I’ve copied all the trades from the following users: Roelof1, mario385 and buff242

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